Saturday 6 April 2019

Have They Got a Snooze-Inducing Show For You?

Henning Wehn

A chap called Stu in the Guardian opined yesterday that Have I Got News For You, which returned for its 57th series last night, "stopped being funny at some point in 2012", with Paul Merton becoming "visibly disinterested to the point of near-unconsciousness" and Ian Hislop’s contributions feeling "like a dinner table lecture from your dad". But (being very anti-Brexit), Stu still has hopes for it and wants it to regain it bite this series: "To the rest of the world Brexit is a disaster. But to Have I Got News For You it’s a gift. This isn’t just the start of a new series. This is its last shot at relevance". Having seen Episode 1, I suspect our Stu will have been sorely disappointed then. The "out-of-shape boxer" barely landed a punch. Semi-comatose Paul only seemed to rouse himself to chuck a few, joke-free barbs at Donald Trump and Ian performed his well-rehearsed 'Ian Hislop' routine. David Dimbleby was in the chair, minus a tie. He did get to read out one good joke:
Well, things will certainly have changed by the time this show is broadcast. It is probably safe to say that people you didn't know existed will have resigned. 
Still at least the wonderful Henning Wehn was on:
Ian Hislop: They've no idea what's going on.
Stacey Dooley: No one has any idea what's going on.
Henning Wehn: And that makes it so exciting! Because usually you feel like, oh they know so much more than I do, and you feel left behind, but, no, we are all on a level playing field! No one knows anything. I mean, a man who is tired of Brexit is tired of life! 
David Dimbleby: Who will be the next leader [of the Conservative Party]?
Ian Hislop: I think it's going to be Jeremy Corbyn.
Stacey Dooley: [to Henning] If it's Jacob, I'm going to...leave and come and live with you in Germany.
Henning Wehn: [pointing to the ground] And I'm still here. 
And long may that continue, Henning! You stay with us, and Ian, Paul and Stacey can go live in Germany.  

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  1. So Stacey Dooley didn't get the Fran memo either?


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