Saturday, 7 December 2019

A Saturday evening rant

I'd value your advice here...


The BBC pays - and I probably pay - far too much attention to the demented cries of bias from the Corbyn mob. 

I do it because it's important for a blog called 'Is the BBC biased?' to consider the question as broadly as possible and to dwell sceptically on the 'complaints from both sides' defence. 

And it's important to consider other perspectives too.


Ah but...

The issue which I think I've somewhat lost sight of is that the BBC has normalised far-left extremism, thus paving the path to making the idea of a Corbyn-led, antisemitic, far-left-heavy Labour Party government seem worthy of acceptability in a country with a centuries' old tradition of democracy and reasonableness and a marked aversion to (European) continental fanaticism.


If we get a far-left, antisemitic government after 12 December I'll hold the BBC partly responsible for failing to ring the alarm bells and warn the public anywhere near enough.


Yes, I know that's exactly the same sort of language that Newswatch's Samira Ahmed has used in the past to complain about far-right extremism being platformed by the BBC. 

And by that she, very openly, meant the likes of Nigel Farage. 

But Nigel Farage isn't a far-right extremist...

...unlike, say, John McDonnell, who is a far-left extremist (albeit with a great taste in middle-class jumpers and a tendency to try to disguise his privileged background).


From Ash to Grace, from Aaron to Owen, the far-left have been platformed to the nth degree by the BBC. 

No matter how extreme their views (and they are often very extreme), the BBC invites them on again and again and again. 

They're young and dashing and pretty and not working class, and none of them have ever been the leader of the EDL. 

They're acceptable extremists, and the BBC indulges them.




The reason, in part, is because they represent one of the two main UK political parties.

The problem is that one of the two main main UK political parties has been invaded, conquered, hollowed out, and turned upside down and inside out by far-left extremists.

The extremists are now in charge of Labour, and it's now no longer the Labour Party that people have always voted for - including me, in the past, from time to time. 

It's now a weird, far-left cult stuffed with Israel-obsessed antisemites - and people who can't or won't see that their party is stuffed with far-left Israel-obsessed antisemites, and other forms of antisemites (including Muslim antisemites). 

And yet the BBC grants Jeremy Corbyn's far-left cult-of-a-party equivalent respectability with the Conservative Party, rather than leading the charge against them on behalf of moderation, democracy and opposition to antisemitism. 

It's just what they do though, isn't it?  It's all about due impartiality, isn't it?

And Jeremy Corbyn isn't Nigel Farage after all.

And the BBC is broadly soggy-left, so the far-left doesn't worry them as much as the moderate, pro-Brexit right does.

And Labour isn't pro-Brexit (despite JC, who might be).


I fear that the BBC just don't see it. 

They have blinkers on. Lots of blinkers. Blinkers galore.

They should beware though, because the far-left aren't anywhere near as fixated as they are on Brexit and the Tories. 

The far-left, being far-left, are largely preoccupied with enemies closer to home and, so,  much more fixated on  soggy left types - such as the BBC.

They will come for the BBC, if elected. And many people at the BBC - who didn't see it coming - will not like it one bit.


Rant over. What do you think?


  1. I've often thought the BBC deserve all they get if Corbyn gets into power. They just don't see what's down the road for them. Little OwEn Jones might be in for a ride awakening. It would almost, but i do mean almost, worth Comrade Cob getting in to see the smug smiles wowed off the faces of the BBC.

    1. I agree - Labour-Momentum will take over the BBC by various measures. Once Labour have their own people in the EHRC and Ofcom, they can use them to ensure that a new wave of Far Left presenters and managers is brought in. Essentially they will be sending in the Commissars to make sure it pumps out propaganda that supports the Corbynista agenda. The soft left Beeboids won't know what's hit them.

  2. Sorry, meant wiped.

  3. Not a rant - a rational analysis!

    There can be no doubt that the BBC have normalised Far Left politics. And let us never forget that Far Left politics has been responsible for over 100 million deaths over the last 120 years. It's not simply a wrongheaded view of society, it is on a par with Far Right in terms of the damage it has done. They both share racist analyses as well.

  4. I'm not sure anything would fundamentally change at the Beeb whichever way the election cookie crumbles. Look at Kathy Gyngell's list of BBC headlines over at Conservative Woman. Taken from just a few days worth it's a proper Xmas dinner of BBC reporting stuffed with identity politics. Would that really change under Labour? Or Conservative? More likely that those issues will be part of the Tory manifesto in 5 years time.