Sunday 15 December 2019

"Am I awake or still dreaming?"

Veteran ITN newsreader  Alastair Stewart tweeted the following yesterday:
I fell asleep in the car on the way back from Cheltenham Races only to wake to BBC Radio 4's Weekend Woman's Hour. They discuss the heteronormative, the de-colonising the curriculum, and seeing sex as you see your experience of chocolate croissants....Am I awake or still dreaming?
His Twitter friends soon gave him the answer:
  • Dan Salt: Sadly awake. Demonstrates why the BBC is looking at having its license fee changed.
  • Mark Challoner: Welcome to the world in a bubble that is the BBC.
  • Claire Fox: I heard it too. Made my skin crawl.
  • Iain Martin: Suspect BBC R4 is going to need a management meeting early in the new year for a rethink. 
  • William Hogarth: It's a totally bonkers programme. The decolonising of the curriculum feature advocating teaching African number systems in maths was particularly hilarious. Either all the Woman's Hour producers are smoking crack, or else the BBC has completely lost it.
  • Eric Morton: Absolutely correct. The de-colonising of the curriculum especially was beyond belief. Accepted without challenge, obviously. What has our country become with this anti British self loathing?
  • Vince Phillips: It feels like the equivalent of the Japanese soldier refusing to accept the war is over and come out of the jungle in 1961. 
  • Stuart Robertson: Bless the BBC. Fingers on the pulse of Workington Women. 
  • Bill Rodgers: You should have watched last night's Question Time. It's still stuck on last Wednesday.

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