Sunday, 15 December 2019

"But at what cost?"

Newsnight's incoming policy editor Lewis Goodall has had his say this afternoon:
1 - Am going to write something about the cataclysm of the Lab results in next few days. But as tempting as it is to get consumed by Labour watching and recrimination (as most on here now are) we shouldn’t forget the govt hardly covered itself in glory in the conduct of the election.
2 - Didn’t commit to flagship scrutiny interview, opaque about its intentions, very misleading ads and information, breaking of long established norms during the election and in the run up to it. They won and won handsomely, they redrew the electoral map. But at what cost?
3 - Before the election this administration repeatedly showed that it was willing to defy norms, dabbled in post truth and showed disregard for our political institutions. Now they have a majority that might go away. Or it might not. And now there is no parliamentary check.
4 - In other words, we should be paying just as much attention to how the government won as why Labour lost.


  1. Hmmm... I wonder what side of the political spectrum this new Newsnight chap inhabits?

    If only there were some way of telling?

    1. You mean apart from his Labour Club membership at Uni? Or his thanking Tony Blair on live TV for his education? I guess being recruited to Newsnight after Ben Chu (Guardian) Dr Deborah Cohen (Guardian) and Nick Watts (Guardian) might be a clue.

    2. Oh you're just cherry picking. I'm sure he's absolutely as impartial as the rest of the Newsnight crew...

      ...oh dear...

  2. And there in a nutshell is the problem with the BBC.

    They all have the same political view and outlook.

    Goodall has tweeted and signalled his credentials over many months and has been rewarded with a highly paid job by the BBC.

    He wouldn’t even get an interview if he wasn’t a good political fit.

    All he is doing now is virtue signalling like mad to show he is part of the club.

    They will attack Boris and the Conservatives relentlessly for the next 5 years with everything they have got.


  3. The bias becomes ever more blatant and unashamed. I hope the Tories have the cojones to do something about it. Decriminalising non payment of the license fee is at least a start.