Thursday 13 February 2020

Bandwagons and virtue-signals

Another thing that has been doing the rounds, (anyone know if it’s been on the BBC?) occurred during the Labour Party’s deputy leadership hustings, in which freshly deposed MP Ruth Smeeth had a good go at the panel for doing zilch about antisemitism, and for staying silent while her female Jewish former colleagues were being attacked, trolled and insulted. 
I’m afraid Dawn Butler is too stupid to realise that she came off worst, with Angela Rayner a close runner-up. The issues with Dr Rosena Allin-Khan we’ve dealt with before, and I find it unsettling to watch Dr Allin-Khan making political capital out of her animosity towards Israel while bolstering her credibility in the antisemitism related virtue-signalling department.

In other words, it was only when she gave a selective and partial account of Israeli hospital visiting arrangements for parents of young Palestinian patients that she observed the vile material from antisemites who were attracted by her anti-Israel rhetoric and piled in, eager to jump on the Israel-bashing bandwagon.

She made a huge big deal about sticking to her guns and ‘not apologising’ (for what, exactly? - perhaps for ‘calling out’ the antisemitic trolling - as if that was the same thing as standing up for Ruth Smeeth, Luciana Berger, Louise Ellman and Margaret Hodge. (Oh dear, that sounds a bit too like a squad) The whole thing is also available on Facebook.

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