Monday 3 February 2020

BBC licence fee rises

The BBC is going up by £3 in April, rising to £157.50 - just in time for all those over-75-year-olds to start paying it in June.

Patrick O'Flynn: OK, which one of you has got a double agent into the Beeb? Better tell them to tone it down as they are going to get uncovered very quickly by punting self-harming ideas like this.
Allison Pearson: Slightly Kamikaze timing?
Patrick O'Flynn: Yes, they seem to have no idea what non-bubble dwellers are thinking at the moment.


  1. Outrageous - while Fake Feminists collect half a million here, two million there...while the BBC continues its "creative diversity" by creating overpaid posts such "Director of Creative Diversity"...while its bloated news organisation was carrying 450 unnecessary staff...while it overstaffs its North American news operation with absolutely no need (about 20 plus employees, mostly doing very little or just regurgitating Democratic Party talking points)...while it continues to expand its operations with the latest being AI...while it fails to monetise its huge archive...and while it clogs up our courts with unnecessary licence fee cases.

    We all deserve a slap on the back here (especially Craig and Sue of course)! We've anticipated the BBC crisis by several years. Now the crisis is breaking. The licence fee will not survive. I believe it could have survived if the BBC had not turned its back on its role as a unifier of the nation, preferring instead to actively and recklessly subvert our culture and our polity.

    1. - Karma
      - You reap what you sow

      It was just a matter of time after so many bad decisions over the years.

  2. I wish I shared your optimism! The Quango factory - stuffed full of lefty liberals and cultural Marxists - continues to spew out decisions which are slowly but surely eating away at the fabric of our body politic. Ofgem yesterday, for example, published an insane plan to rip out the gas central heating in every UK home in pursuit of the religion of 'decarbonisation'. The BBC is at the epicentre of this madness and its chief propagandist. It very much remains to be seen whether anyone in the new administration has the desire to affect real change.

    1. I fear you may be right. It’s not just the quangos, it’s pretty much every institution and public body.

      In Parliament, most are liberal more than they are small c conservatives. That is definitely the case with Boris and he is the man in charge.

      Hence his unachievable and silly electric car announcement yesterday. Playing to liberals rather than the majority of the electorate who voted for him.


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