Sunday 2 February 2020


During the Andrew Marr paper review this morning, Nigel Farage (the first man on the sofa this year) made a striking comment: 
I don't think the EU ever took Mrs May terribly seriously. I got the sense, I was there on Wednesday, my last day there, I got the sense in that debate that for the first time since the vote in 2016 they are a little more frightened of us than we are of them.
Andrew Marr's response to this was striking too. He asked, incredulously, "Really?"

He evidently didn't believe Mr Farage. 


  1. Belief is all the BBC has left, especially in ECU Director cubicles.

  2. It is not the job of an allegedly impartial interviewer to respond with sarcasm to anyone interviewed as to do so is not impartial. As usual impartiality goes by the wayside for anything that BBC staff disagree with, because they are always right, aren't they? Actually they are always supportive of the Left.


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