Saturday 8 February 2020

Contains some strong language

It's hosted by Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis. Or 'Sopes and Maitlis' as they call themselves - though Jon does occasionally slip into calling his old friend and co-host 'Em'. 

And there's a third regular it seems, MB's favourite Anthony Zurcher. 

Their 'theme tune' ends with a clip of the 'Another beauty!' exchange between Sopes and Donald Trump. 

'Contains some strong language' said Podcast One. I presume that was because of Em calling the Iowa Democratic caucus "a shit-show". (She wasn't wrong though). 

There have been two podcasts so far. Between the first and the second, Em had flown back to the UK. 

The second one covered the State of the Union speech (starring Nancy the Ripper) and Donald Trump's Impeachment acquittal. 

But it also featured a Newsnight-style Emily Maitlis interview with Kurt Volker where, after a gentle start, Em held a second Impeachment trial and placed Mr Volker in the dock for failing to be damning about his former boss, Mr Trump. 

As for the Senate finding the President not guilty, 'Sopes and Maitlis, and Anthony too' focused mainly on how Mitt Romney had ruined it all for Donald Trump. A bad day for Donald apparently.

To be fair, however, Sopes countered Em over Nancy Pelosi's ripping up of the speech. Em seemed impressed but Sopes said that the overall reaction has been negative with many finding Ms Pelosi's actions petty and discourteous. 

They've already got into the habit of reading out tweets praising their podcast. 


  1. Ems, Sopes and the Zurch sounds like a bad horror-com from the 60s.

    Oh, it is.

    Ems RTs praise of herself almost as much as Sweeney! likes every BBC twitter post.

    I wonder when they interview Greta? And where.

    1. Young Lewis is keen on RT-ing praise too.

      Giving Em's love of licence-fee-funded travel I'm guessing she'll fly to the moon and Skype Greta from there.

  2. As I mentioned on the open thread Maitlis's interview with Volker was dire. He had to correct her on the timeline more than once and then explain things yet again very slowly, as if to a child or someone approaching senility. As for impartiality she stated as fact that Trump had bribed a foreign power and had abused his power - the factual basis of both assertions is denied by the Republican majority in the Senate. Only Democrats think they are estbalished facts. This shows that Maitlis is simply repeating Democrat talking points and not reporting impartially.

  3. Yes - Anthony Zurcher..."the Registered Democrat" as I call him.

    Here's a latest example of him taking sides in America's political divide instead of reporting impartially as he is paid to do, and - surprise, surprise - yet again he sides with the Democrats:

    Zurcher asks disingenuously why Trump puts the Lt Col in quotation marks when referring to his politically motivated persecutor "Lt Col" Vindman.

    Could it be because the individual in question looks more like a school sneak or someone who has just undergone gender reassignment surgery - in other words, hardly the kind of bold soldier the US Army once produced.


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