Tuesday 18 February 2020

More questions

Mark Wallace of ConservativeHome had a question - and a pair of paradoxes:
How can it be appropriate, impartial or within BBC rules for senior journalists at the Corporation to use BBC-branded Twitter accounts to promote political campaign material claiming "The government have declared war on our BBC" and comparing the PM to Donald Trump?

The BBC: We are deeply loved by the public. Also the BBC: Funding us by voluntary subscription would destroy the BBC.

The BBC: We are impartial and take no part in political campaigning. Also the BBC: Sign this petition attacking the govt for suggesting voluntary subscription!


  1. Indeed! I was thinking that when Clive Myrie who includes "BBC" in this twitter handle has been rubbishing the Government's approach to the licence fee.

    1. A news reader on another channel had to 'resign' after he'd got involved in spats on twitter which compromised his appearance of authority and neutrality when reading the news.

      How about it, Mr Myrie?


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