Sunday 16 February 2020

Get Cummings

The Mail on Sunday has another dramatic headline today: Man who claims Dominic Cummings assaulted him is set to be interviewed by Emily Maitlis in BBC documentary

The paper reports that BBC producers are set to interview a man who alleges that Mr Cummings "grabbed him by the lapels and pinned him to a wall" two decades ago after "an explosive radio debate". (What a scoop!) 

It will be part of an Emily-led documentary profile (hatchet job?) on Dominic Cummings. 

I'm sure this news will be read with interest, if little surprise, in Downing Street. They'd surely have expected that the BBC would be coming for Dom sooner or later. 


  1. Two decades ago - good to see that the BBC has its finger on the pulse.

  2. As scoops go, it could be described as a poop-scoop.

  3. Emily will be in full empathy mode I predict! :)

    "And tell me, were your lapels crushed in any way? Did you have to take your jacket to the dry cleaners? I'm just wondering how you would have felt about that, you the victim, having to arrange for your own jacket to be made must have been pretty traumatic? Is that the right word? Were you traumatised? Did it leave you feeling depressed, even suicidal perhaps?"


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