Sunday 2 February 2020

It takes two to tango

Good morning. Now it's done, there is one thing for sure we can all agree on - cutting the rope to the EU means we set our own direction. So, from now on, no more blaming anyone else, no hiding places. From now on, whatever goes right or wrong - economic growth, migration, the rule book of daily life - that is the achievement or the failure of British politicians. The buck travels no further and that ought to mean a new era of accountability. Sharper questions, yes, but also frank answers. Now it's no longer Dry January, I for one will drink to that.
Hmm, so EU politicians / bureaucrats now bear no responsibility for anything that happens over the next year (and thereafter) or for the outcome of our trade negotiations with them, and it will be our politicians alone who will be held accountable by the BBC for anything and everything that goes wrong? Surely not  - especially if Katya Adler is correct that the EU holds the upper hand in negotiations!

How about asking the EU side sharper questions too, Andrew? (There's always a first time.) 


  1. Andy, as always is, having a laugh.
    For the BBC, whatever goes wrong, or might go wrong at anytime in the future, is the fault of the Tory Government.
    Anything that goes well, if not possible to be ignored or buried, is just good chance.

    1. Exactly! We are still waiting for the first "pro-Brexit" programme on the BBC that we were promised some time ago.

      Any good news will be waved away: "the Government has been lucky, benefitting from strong demand across the world economy while domestic demand remains weak...", "however, the UK's performance is still below that of France/Germany/some Scandinavian countries/the OECD average (take your pick, as required)" or "...but there are dark clouds on the economic horizon and many analysts fear this rare piece of good news will be swept away by the gathering storm".

      You know the drill Beeboids! Get to work!!

  2. The BBC will now obsess about the EU as they do TDS.

    But asking tricky questions of the queue of losers heading across the Channel to emote or threaten us... no.

  3. As usual the BBC repeats misleading statements, like "we're leaving Europe" - no we're not; we're leaving the EU. It also says "after 47 years we're leaving the EU" - no we're not the EU has only existed since 1992 after being created by the Maastricht Treaty.

    Now telling us we cannot blame the EU for anything again is also false... we remain in all respects inside the EU until 31 December 2020 and are affected by all rules of the EU until then under the transitional arrangements. Plus we can blame the EU for all the laws we don't like inflicted on us by our weak politicians surrendering to EEC/EU proposals they failed to block/veto... like accepting the Common Fisheries and Common Agricultural Policies, like accepting new member states' workers when others didn't, like failing to veto majority voting, like failing to keep Maggie's rebate so we continue until December paying more than we should.


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