Tuesday 18 February 2020

Questions of story selection

A hot topic on my social media feeds over the past couple of days had been the extraordinary folly engulfing Labour over the trans issue, especially (a) the statement by Lisa Nandy ("the sensible one") that trans prisoners - including rapists - should be held in jails that match their self-declared gender and (b) the ideologically-driven flat-earthery of Labour shadow minister Dawn Butler telling ITV's Good Morning Britain that “a child is born without a sex”.

Except for Andrew Marr tacking Rebecca Long-Bailey on a related matter on Sunday, the BBC has shown very little interest in this - for some reason. Well might Patrick O'Flynn tweet:
Who in  BBC News is deciding that Labour's trans madness is not a major story? Much of the BBC's increasingly extreme bias is imposed via its story selection, not just its story treatment. 
Well BBC Politics website running nothing on Lab leader contenders' trans lunacy as of now. Can it be that none of the dozens of Beeb political correspondents has noticed the story? I suggest not. There is clearly a de facto ban on covering furores that challenge the extreme woke orthodoxy.


  1. The BBC never delves into reports that its left leaning liberals would find awkward to defend, and attacks with vigour the same kind of reports when people who aren't left leaning liberals are involved.

    The fantasy that a man who dresses up as a woman must be a woman (and vice versa) is bonkers, and only the severely deluded would assert that what is obviously untrue must be true.

  2. But did you hear that Jacob Rees-Mogg was a Catholic?

    A Catholic! How extreme is that?

  3. The BBC were keen to follow Lisa's lead and never mention the fact she was Chair of Friends of Palestine.

    I have often said that Labour's moderates are more extreme and dangerous in the short term than the Far Left.

    Take Jess Phillips for instance - she wants the Electoral Commission to vet ALL candidates for the Commons to ensure that no one who challenges PC ideology e.g. someone like Carl Benjamin will ever be allowed to stand. That is an extreme and anti-democratic proposal.

    All the so called moderates were to the fore in trying to overturn the democratic Referendum vote.

    Stella Creasy, another prominent "moderate" hardly ever off the BBC, is strongly against borders and wants us to let in all undocumented persons who wish to reach our shores. She also thinks that anyone who claims to be under 18 must be beleived. These extreme policies make a mockery of our border controls and also child protection.

    Keith Starmer has been in the forefront of moves to destroy free speech in the UK. He has also removed longstanding and vital legal safeguards against wrongful conviction while also helping spread the "human rights" doctrine within the legal profession which has allowed our unelected judiciary to enter into politics.

    None of the moderates have stood up for the right of people like Nigel Farage, Anne-Marie Waters, Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin to campaign freely in elections without threat of violence to their person.

    These people are only "moderate" in a BBC sense meaning "The BBC like them".


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