Sunday 23 February 2020

That's BBC Sports Personality of the Year sewn up then

All my plans to make this a typical hyperactive Sunday at Is the BBC biased? have gone right out of the window, but I really can't let today pass without noting that the knockout seaside resort of Morecambe has made it to the top of the world, ma.

Local-lad-made-good Tyson Fury has become the latest legend to spring from our world-beating sands, surpassing Dame Thora Hird's previous world boxing achievement by some margin. 

He did us proud today. 

My claim to fame is that I've seen Tyson running along the prom a fair few times. I'd like to think that my looking at him approvingly as he passed helped inspire him to today's great victory. 

On blog-related matters, he's previously accused the BBC of 'fixing' BBC Sports Personality of the Year to stop him winning. 

(He's not very BBC, to put it mildly). 

Will he be 'allowed' to win this year? 

How can he possibly not win? He's the best boxer in the world. 

Viva Morecambe!


  1. Boxing is one of those PC puzzles. You would think, would you not that the idea that poor people inflicting brain damage on each other, sometimes fatal, but nearly always with severely negative effects on health, would be anathema to the PC ideologues. Certainly if the sport was one that involved animals it would long ago have been made illegal.

    A heavyweight boxing bout is the equivalent of being hit by sledge hammers for over half an hour!

    But as with all things PC, race comes into it. For many years boxing was one activity where Black people were allowed to compete on equal terms, plus throw in the Ali effect - Ali being Muslim, opposed to the Vietnam War and very race conscious. This is why I think it was given a "pass" by the PC crowd.

    Attitudes would be different I suspect if the sport was one still pursued by the upper classes.

    1. Yes we even had BBC News giving us a little girl who believed that Tyson had once been like her!

      Another sport for the women to take over and a bit of transgenderism, what's not to like?

    2. If you said that women were being paid to inflict injury on each other for a predominantly male audience, again you'd think that the PC crowd would be up in arms...but no! It's fine, it's OK. Perfectly normal.


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