Friday 21 February 2020

Why 'Downton Abbey' isn't on the BBC

Julian Fellowes, interviewed by The Times today, explains why his period dramas (like Downton Abbey) appear on ITV rather than the BBC:
I don’t want to get into a BBC fight, but they are interventionist, and want their drama and their other programmes to reflect their own position on various issues. That means that if you disagree with the BBC, then you’re not the writer for them, really.
You don't say!


  1. "Could you just make the junior under-maid a feisty black lesbian? And when Queen Victoria visits, instead of curtseying, if she could shout, "Fascist b**ch! Enslaver of my people! No?"

  2. Justin Fellowes' Downton Abbey is about the only drama of the last 20 years that I can think of on BBC or mainstream TV to include specifically anti-socialist elements. I think that tells you something. Probably 25% of the population are strongly anti-socialist but virtually no drama output reflects their views.


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