Sunday 16 February 2020

Emily M liked


James Delingpole, for one, isn't impressed:
"I stitched someone up. Got caught out. So now I believe passionately that all the people who criticised me should be censored."


  1. I looked on twitter to see what poor bewildered John is agreeing with and came across a tweet by Baddiel: 'My books are like crack for kids. Sorry is that inappropriate?' That was his response to a father who'd tweeted to say how much his eight-year-old daughter had enjoyed reading his book.

    As another tweet to Baddiel put it, 'Absolutely dreadful. Like you.'

  2. For which #emilymliked was created ;)

    Others are available.

    Sweeney! of course likes EVERYTHING.

  3. He certainly does. And Lewislikes a lot too!

  4. Emily liking Mad John's tweets? She shouldn't encourage him. That's like offering a beggar on the street a swig of whisky.


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