Sunday 14 October 2018

A New Pinter Play

Did you hear the newly-rediscovered Harold Pinter sketch on today's The World This Weekend


They performed it in full. 


Yes, on a news programme!
Even some of the resident lefties on Twitter didn't think that was right.

(Long pause)

Written in 2008, and obviously mocking George W. Bush, they got Jon Culshaw from Dead Ringers to perform it in the voice of (Alec Baldwin) Donald Trump. 


The joke is that the US president is so stupid that he orders a nuclear attack on London when he meant to launch it on Paris. Why? Because he thought London was in France because he's stupid. D'oh! And then, because he's stupid, he puts things right by nuking Paris. 


Even some of the resident lefties on Twitter didn't think it was funny. 


And it wasn't funny. It was a sketch even the producers of Dead Ringers would have rejected as being too obvious and juvenile and leaden.


 And yet here it was. 


And here was President Donald Trump being mocked on BBC Radio 4.


And 'arold's widow, Milady Antonia Fraser, was on hand to pronounce that it made her laugh every time she heard it. 
Well, I must try out some of my jokes on her. She's obviously easily amused. 

(Long pause. Enter tumbleweed)

Well, at least it's got us talking. (Aside) About how rubbish it was. 



  1. THE BAFTA PARTY A One Act Play by Monkey Brains

    ANTONIA: Don't you find, Harold, the perfume of the flowers at eventime in late summer can make one quite - heady?

    HAROLD: Come on, gissa feel...

    ANTONIA: More potent than wine, more dream-sodden than opium, even...perhaps.

    HAROLD: Come on, we don't mess around down the East End. Gerrem off...

    ANTONIA: Oh Harold...I can't help but admire your animal instincts, the way you pad about a room like some gorgeous leopard and then...aha...pounce...

    HAROLD: Come on, I haven't got all day - I'm due on Late Night Line Up in twenty minutes...I'm looking forward to my Bakewell Tart...

  2. Yes, our first thoughts whenever we hear the name Pinter are of all his hilarious rib-ticklers his laugh a minute, non-stop chortlefests...


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