Sunday 28 October 2018

No health warning for MEND

Today's Sunday opened with the following statement:
Welcome to Sunday. A new poll suggests Islamophobia is a real problem in the UK today. We'll be discussing the findings.
The discussion between Dr Shazad Amin of MEND and Professor Mona Siddiqui began with presenter Emily Buchanan saying:
A new ComRes poll out today has revealed that 58% of the British public agree that Islamophobia is a real problem in society. The survey also showed that nearly half the population felt that Britain's becoming less tolerant towards Muslims and that Muslims were more discriminated against than people of other faiths.
Worryingly, it turned out that the poll had been commissioned by MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development), with no mention being made that MEND is a highly controversial organisation, frequently accused of hosting extremist Islamist speakers. Tell MAMA's Fiyaz Mughal, for example, has accused them of “conspiracy, antisemitism, hatred of other communities and a unipolar view of life”.

P.S. I see Jane's been listening too:

And there's more about MEND here.


  1. This is a symptom of the BBC (and other European established media + the ECHR) gathering a tool kit together with which to attack the freedom of the internet.

    For the BBC to survive at all, let alone with its current funding model, the attraction of the net has to be curtailed. They can't beat the dark web with debate, so they'll use legislation.

    They chose a direction so as to attract a demographic. It turns out that the demographic isn't really interested. If they're not serving their demographic, the only answer is to knobble the competition.

  2. ....I of course mean the intellectual dark web. Not the one where you can purchase tusks and naughtiness.

  3. If Tell MAMA think MEND are extreme, that would suggest they are very extreme, given how extreme Tell MAMA are.

    Is Moaner ever OFF the radio? She was on the Moral Maze as well. I guess there is a limited number of "safe" contributors from that background who can be allowed on ie are nuanced enough to offend the BBC's core belief system.

  4. Is there a #TellMEND yet? And does Mishal have a chart of where it places on the ROP ‘community in fear’ scoreboard?


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