Sunday 28 October 2018

BBC Thinking

Co-host Tina Daheley

The Sunday Times reports that BBC Radio 4 is launching a "bite-size Today podcast" to attract a young audience. Naturally, in the usual way of BBC thinking, the key to doing so appears to be to make the team involved as 'diverse' as possible:

And guess whose brainchild it is? Yes, James Purnell, the BBC's middle-aged, white, male director of radio and education.

P.S. Former Labour minister James Purnell had this to say about the thinking behind the new podcast:
Fake news spreads like a virus across social media and the trust audiences have in radio is a potent weapons against it. 


  1. James Purnell , from the Labour Party.
    The former cabinet minister.

  2. Rather sweet the BBC still puts its trust in the word ‘trust’.


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