Saturday 20 October 2018

Missing anyone, John?

Not the Deputy First Minister of Scotland

Talking of John Sweeney (who Kirsty Wark introduced last night as 'John Swinney', confusing him with the SNP Deputy First Minister of Scotland!), his Newsnight report on Jamal Khashoggi contained a classic partisan BBC moment. It began:
The House of Saud is built on a sea of oil. Whoever holds the Crown has the key to unimaginable wealth and that has brought the ruling houses of the United States to Riyadh's door time and time again. First, the House of Bush, and now, the House of Trump. 
"First, the House of Bush, and now, the House of Trump"? What about the House of Clinton and the House of Obama?

What possible reason could they be for John Sweeney of the BBC to say that and show those two Republican presidents in the company of the Saudi monarchy and not show, say, Barack Obama bowing to the Saudi king? Or footage of Bill and Hillary Clinton's highlighting their close ties to the Saudis?

The only explanation I can think of why John Sweeney failed to mention Democratic presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama is that he was engaging in a spot of pure partisan hackery.

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  1. Yep...especially when Clinton has as her closest confidante and advisor a woman from a pro-Sharia Saudi family (Huma Abedin).


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