Saturday 20 October 2018

Tristan and Jenny

Jenny Hill, neither portly nor rotund

Jenny Hill was on this morning's From Our Own Correspondent. She'd been to see her first Wagner opera, Tristan and Isolde, and was using the experience to draw parallels with the present German political situation (as you do).

She found herself having to "suppress a giggle" at the sight of "the two rather portly lead singers", especially as "the rotund figure of Tristan prepared to fling an equally substantial Isolde onto a rather flimsy table".

In the spirit of the age, I was frankly outraged by that. That's fat-shaming, body-shaming, and I was tempted to kick up a Twitterstorm and ruin her life, but thought better of it. (Anyhow, the painfully thin-looking Jenny appears to have weight issues of her own.)

Nonetheless, here she was, still preferring to say "refugees" rather than "migrants" and talking of the "open xenophobia" of AfD, and sounding chirpy about the protests in favour of an "open" Germany and the rise of the Greens.

She seems to have liked the opera though. 


  1. Leave her alone, or risk being accused of hippophobia, which the Beeb will no doubt want to have recorded as a hate crime!

  2. Perhaps if all Green Party Leaders donned dirdl skirts and high heels they would do better at elections, as did the Bavarian Green leader. :)

  3. So Jenny Hill finds nothing wrong in liking an opera written by a rabid anti-semite?...just asking.

  4. What could be worse than Alec Guinness' portrayal of Fagin?

    And that was shortly after WW2.

  5. Both the word "migrant" and "refugee" are fluffy BBC words. They are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. End of.


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