Sunday 28 October 2018

The BBC accuses Lord Adonis of lying

I wish I liked popcorn more than I do because I think a bucketful of the stuff is needed today....

Andrew Adonis: 6 months ago the BBC’s editorial committee banned a documentary team from working with me on the campaign for a people’s vote, tho filming was commissioned & underway. They didn’t want to offend No 10 & claimed the people’s vote had no support. That doesn’t look such a good call.  
BBC Press Team: There is no truth in the allegation that a documentary was ‘banned’ by BBC managers. We consider many proposals, some we commission and many we don’t. After initial development work we decided not to commission it.


  1. It's great when the left-liberal cannibals start eating other for dinner...but the BBC is either wasting licence fee payers' money (doling out huge amounts of money on "many" programme proposals which never get made) or they are being less than honest about what went on here.

  2. Yes. Probably, from No. 10, a nod along the lines of, "Look, you don't need a People's Vote - Ollie & I are killing the whole Brexit thing stone dead, anyway; it's been planned from day one." Sisyphus (on a borrowed tablet).

  3. This looks like one in for the long haul, until Tony tells editorial to cave as he is fed up being pestered at lunch in the HoL ‘canteen’.

  4. A couple more possibilities:
    It became rapidly apparent that Adonis is better taken in small doses (the only circumstances in which I would recommend a homeopathic dose) and longer exposure might be counter-productive.
    And even with the most judicious editing it would still be obvious that the "people's vote" was being demanded least of all by the people.

  5. I am beginning to wonder if the BBC is actually full on leave, as the selection of guests they keep wheeling out hardly put Remain in a good light, and then when they go too far skweem and skweem and cover the BBc with even more ordure.


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