Sunday 21 October 2018

James v Jamie

I'm with Demos's Jamie rather than LBC's James over this:

The BBC News website report in question can be found here

And, as Jamie says, yes, it features 5 times as many pro-People's Vote voices than pro-Brexit voices. (#bbcbias!)

And if James O'Brien doesn't think that's anywhere near as biased against pro-Brexit voices as it ought to be, well, that says a good deal more about him and his biases than it does about the BBC.


  1. Of the first five sentences, three cite 'some say' type of statements by campaigners, marchers, organisers making claims about the great size of the march.

    It takes till the sixth sentence for the BBC to cite the Metropolitan Police statement that it couldn't estimate the size of the march.

    If that isn't a biased BBC report I'll eat my hat.

  2. On a related point, why does the BBC and other MSM insist on having that anti-Brexit flag waver in EVERY single shot (who is paying for him to be there 24/7 anyway?) Either he's very rich and doesn't need to work or someone is subsidizing him. We all know that people stand behind reporters from time to time, but he is there constantly, interrupting ALL reports. One would think there would be some kind of law that forbids people from being allowed to have a constant 24/7 protest slot in the media...


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