Saturday 20 October 2018

Inside the Papers

Kirsty, YAB and Katy

For those keeping an eye on Newsnight's 'Inside the Papers' feature, where a journalist (or, occasionally, a panel including journalists) discusses the next day's newspapers, here's a list of all the contributers so far.

One interesting thing to note (after six weeks) is that the early guests did suggest that Newsnight was at least trying to achieve some measure of balance when it comes to Brexit in terms of supporters and opponents, but that attempt only lasted two weeks. Thereafter, over the remaining four weeks, there's been a quite staggering lack of pro-Brexit voices.

(And, yes, most days Brexit has been discussed).

This is turning out to be increasingly damning.


19/10 Yasmin Alibhai Brown, journalist & author & Katy Balls, The Spectator
18/10 Sebastian Payne, FT
17/10 Sonia Stolper, Liberation
16/10 Alice Thomson, The Times
15/10 Stephen Bush, New Statesman
12/10 Nina Schick, Rasmussen Global
11/10 Afua Hirsch, author
10/10 Asa Bennett, Daily Telegraph
9/10 Aditya Chakrabortty, Guardian
8/10 Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun
5/10 Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
4/10 John Prideaux, The Economist
3/10 Matthew Parris, The Times & Zoe Williams, Guardian
2/10 Daniel Finkelstein, The Times & Anna Mikhailova, Daily Telegraph
1/10 Rachel Sylvester, The Times & Marc Reeves, Birmingham Post
28/9 Katy Balls, Spectator
27/9 Henry Mance, FT
26/9 Polly Toynbee, Guardian
25/9 Ian Birrell, Mail/Mail on Sunday
24/9 Stephen Bush, New Statesman
21/9 Paul Mason, journalist & Iain Martin, The Times & Stefanie Bolzen, Die Welt
20/9 Rachel Cunliffe, CityAM
19/9 Jenni Russell, The Times
18/9 Alice Thomson, The Times
17/9 Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph
14/9 Rachel Johnson, columnist
13/9 Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph
12/9 Owen Jones, Guardian
11/9 Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday
10/9 Rachel Sylvester, The Times

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  1. Thanks Craig...I gave up early on keeping tabs - your superior dedication to BBC Reality Checking is exemplary.

    Of course that's an old BBC trick - start off relatively balanced and then gradually press down on the scales.

    There are more than a few soft left Conservatives on the Clarkeian wing (which is a very small wing). But no commentators from the populist or indeed mainstream Conservative right.

    And why the European media reps? People in the UK are much more connected to American media. But there are big communities who link to the South Asian and African media. Why this "Euro-ethnocentrism"?


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