Sunday 28 October 2018

One side only

Hmm. Yet again this morning Andrew Marr introduced his paper reviewers like this:
Reviewing the news today, Michelle Dewberry, the Brexit-supporting businesswoman and a former winner of The Apprentice, the BBC's economics editor Kamal Ahmed, and Helen Lewis, deputy editor of The New Statesman.
Others spotted that too:

"...especially when one side is credited and the other not" is the key phrase there. And it happens a lot.


  1. Yes the BBC "Fact" that there are no left wing think tanks but there are right wing think tanks. As there are also "controversial columnists" and "columnists".

  2. This one actually seems to being gaining ground. Rob better find an #FBPE loon to duel with or he may be cornered into actually answering.

    1. Sorted. :)


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