Saturday 27 October 2018


Here's Andrew (and he's much funnier than the Now Show crowd)... 
Evenin' all. Welcome to This Week - and what a week it's been. You're probably still exhilarated by Saturday's big march - you know, the one Alastair Campbell told us about last Thursday. I couldn't make it myself - I had a previous appointment with a box set of The Daily Politics - but I'm sure you were there. I sent along my Greek gardener, my Polish plumber and the Norwegian nanny. So nobody can be in any doubt about my commitment, or should I say self-interest, in a People's Vote. Mind you, the Brexit negotiations are going so well that I'm not sure we'll need one. We now have a backstop to the backstop, a transition period, an extended transition period and even the possibility of an indefinite transition period, plus close regulatory alignment. Mmm, close regulatory alignment - something most of us only ever dreamed of, until the Maybot's negotiating skills made it a reality. I'm told Donald Trump has even offered to build a wall down the Irish Sea with all the spare bricks he has accumulated from not building a wall along the Mexican border. It's such a generous gesture that nobody has the heart to tell him bricks don't float. I'm not surprised though the Maybot got such an ecstatic welcome when she walked into a room full of Tory MPs last night, greeting her with synchronised banging of their heads against their desks. It must have lifted the spirits of her software no end. 

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