Saturday, 27 October 2018


Prof. Alan Sked, the founder of UKIP who later fell out with Nigel Farage, has been watching BBC comedy

I've never watched The Mash Report before, but do I really have to watch it to believe Prof. Sked here? 

After all, for the sake of Sue and my own blog, I've already put myself through the almost-entirely-laugh-free ordeal of The Now Show today after reading similar comments and found that the programme was guilty as charged over anti-Brexit bias.

How should the Now Show crowd be sentenced for their flagrant breaches of BBC impartiality? To twenty years slaving in Jean-Claude Juncker's wine cellar, serving up drinks but never being allowed to sample the wine?

(Should I set up a charity to recompense me for such traumatic experiences? Should I sue the BBC?)

So I'm trusting Prof. Sked here. I bet he's right. 

Meanwhile, here's England's most influential composer, John Dunstable (c.1390-1453), who played a major part in transforming European Medieval music into European Renaissance music in a time when England wasn't part of the European Union, with one of his most epoch-changing gems:

Good night.

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