Sunday 7 October 2018

Further Reading

Other BBC-related reading, if you've got the time:

Oh, and:

The last item features this, which made me laugh (especially the last paragraph quoted):
Simpson was so bruised that his novel became all about the “foul BBC” and its machinations and he was looking forward to causing trouble. 
Then he heard Harding was leaving and being replaced by a “blessed friend … a wonderful, wonderful” woman who saved him. 
The appointment of Fran Unsworth led to some rewriting. “It doesn’t take place at the BBC, it takes place more or less at Sky News.”


  1. For some reason I've got a picture in my mind of Simpson with his snout firmly in the trough and his little tail wagging behind.

    The Mike Dowd article was very good. I don't listen to the programme but I would certainly expect Chiles to be turning up the bias knob to 11 whereas as Dimbleby has to keep it to a respectable 7...

    Talking of Dimblebys, I heard the younger one on seemed like he had taken over the programme with his direct questioning of the Tory, judicious use of texts to pose further damaging questions, and his own commentary on what the Tory (smarmy Alan Duncan I think it was) said in reply.

    1. Yes I heard that too: the extent and direction of his intervention, with prepared material and commentary, was startling. My goodness, what an eager beaver to get stuck in!


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