Sunday 2 December 2018

BBC 100 Women 2018

Following on from:

The latest 'Viewpoint' to appear on the BBC News website is:

The actress Jameela Jamil, best known for her role in US TV series The Good Place, says airbrushing is a crime against women and should be illegal. "It is anti-feminist. It is ageist. It is fat-phobic".

These viewpoints are coming from women appearing on the BBC 100 Women 2018 list

It's a list that tells you something about the BBC's biases.

For example, looking at the nine politicians on the list (and Googling around about them), guess where the balance lies politically? 

Well, there's 1 centre-right politician, 1 left-wing politician and 7 centre-left politicians. 

Are you surprised at that 8:1 ratio? (Rhetorical question,)


  1. So many things to ban in a PC world. Truly and obviously authoritarian. Fully supported by the obscurely accountable State Broadcaster. Troubling.

  2. What is a Trash Can, BBC?


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