Sunday 2 December 2018

Mr Marr's Advent Sunday Sermon

'O Come, O Come Emmanuel'.

No, that's not what the French are currently saying about President Macron (definitely not in fact) but rather the title of my second-favourite Advent hymn.

And after the hymn, here comes the sermon:
Good morning. Well, the countdown has started. No! Not to that. Today is the first day of Advent. It ought to be a time when we are reflecting on those worse off than ourselves, and after a withering, controversial UN report on poverty in Britain, it's hard to avoid the subject. I am not getting party political, but if we don't notice the rough sleepers all around us at this time of year, as the sleet comes down and the Christmas lights go up, then there is something wrong with all of us. 

That wasn't the famous 'fake vicar' from Newsnight, but Andrew Marr opening his show this morning. 

You may be seated. 


  1. No it's Brigitte singing "Oh cum oh cum Emmanuel"

  2. I've noticed the "rough sleepers" around my part of London...well (a) they're not sleepers, they kind of clock on and off (soon as the supermarkets close, they're off) (b) many of them are young and fighting fit and (c)if female, they look like they are there under duress from their "family". The Police have no interest in any of this. They presumably don't believe the signs that claim the person is hungry and destitute, which is odd given they are now supposed to be a proactive branch of social services.

    They provide a valuable service to the affluent in making them feel good about themselves. It's a fair exchange I suppose in that sense. But I don't like the effect all these bogus beggars have on me personally, as their false appeals do make one more mean-spirited generally.

  3. No, the BBC is not biased in a party-political way. It bends over backwards to be "neutral" and always give a platform to the alternative voice. This results in the likes of Farage being given air time out of all proportion to what is a fair allocation. Where is he now, by the way?


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