Sunday 23 December 2018

For Mash Get Smash

The Daily Mash (satirical inspiration for the BBC's impartiality-free The Mash Reporthas recently published a piece about the BBC's Question Time. It seems a little wrong-headed to me so, in the spirit of Christmas, I've ever-so-slightly tweaked it to bring it somewhat closer to reality:

BBC confirms next Question Time to come from Angryborough in North Salford
THE next episode of topical panel show Question Time will be broadcast from Angryborough in the metropolitan borough of North Salford.  
The BBC believes the location will ensure a bear pit of shouty, Tory-hating, anti-Brexit obsessives that viewers have come to demand. 
Producer John Simpson said: “Angryborough is perfect for Question Time. The inhabitants once requisitioned a Twitter mob to castrate a member of UKIP. That was during the winter." 
“As usual we’ve loaded the panel with noisy anti-Brexit loudmouths including Gina Miller, Nish Kumar and Anna Soubry, so the atmosphere should quickly turn toxic with a real danger of a ‘vegan riot’". 
“This week’s sacrificial Brexiteer is Charles Moore, who’s posh (unlike David Dimbleby), so we’ve got the police on standby in case the audience tries to drag him away to an isolated protest meeting and give him the full Wicker Man treatment. The police will arrest him for a hate crime instead".
Angryborough resident Mark Easton said: “I’m really interested to hear what the panel’s got to say and will try to drown them out by screaming, ‘Let’s have another People's Vote NOW!’ while turning red”.
He added: “My non-binary other is going to ask an ill-informed question about the Tories and homelessness that would be extremely stupid if it wasn’t so poorly worded no one can understand it.”


  1. Angryborough Remainiac League Chair Mark Mardell angrily denied that Jean-Claude Juncker was grotesque, that Emmanuel Macron was short and a bit weird, that Leo Varadka was a liar on the scale of the Krakatoa explosion or that Angela Merkel broke EU law by letting in one million undocumented migrants with no authority whatsoever.

  2. ...and on "The Now Show" stunned silence from the studio audience when a guest comedian tells a joke.


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