Sunday 16 December 2018

Third 'Sunday' of Advent

This morning's Sunday on Radio 4 didn't just feature the usual ultra-soggy-left stuff we normally associate with the programme (which I know you all get up early to listen to, like me). 

Yes, there was a liberal Anglican and a liberal Jew discussing leadership in the light of Mrs May's travails (one criticising her for not being nice enough to the 48%, the other praising her for her attempts to achieve a compromise); and there was a liberal Catholic discussing Catholic sex abuse; and there was the usual BBC race-related stuff about whether gospel music is moving too far from its black roots; and there was something about BAME people and blood donations; and there was the obligatory Sunday piece based on a UN human rights report

But, ah, there was also a lovely piece about a traditional school nativity, with little children saying how nice Joseph the carpenter was and how naughty King Herod was. And, yes, King Herod was certainly very naughty.

So that was nice.

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