Wednesday 26 December 2018

John Simpson & The Wailers

It's absolutely terrible news that Japan has decided to resume commercial whaling.

Well, that's my opinion anyhow.

And it's also BBC's World Affairs Editor John Simpson's opinion. Being John though, he can't just leave it there. Oh no.

Guess who's ultimately to blame, in his view?

Clue: The answer's an anagram of Add torn plum

(Answer below picture)


  1. The standard MO of the advertising agency called BBCnews is to collect info and use it to construct narrative to sell its product/agenda

    So JS's whataboutery is to say
    "Japan whaling, eh ? What about Trump"

    back to the real world was Trump was the big change ?
    Or is it that that IWC has been wanting to put an end to Japan's obvious cheating.. and moved to curtail Japan, that is the first change in the status quo
    Meanwhile Japan has been plotting for a year at least

    Just as Trump became president Japan was defying the IWC
    \\ Jan 24 2017 "We will pursue all possibilities in order to resume commercial whaling, including opportunities at the September meeting of the IWC," Japan PM @AbeShinzo //

    Before Trump was elected Japan was defying IWC
    \\ 3 Nov 2016 : #Japan Ignores #IWC #Whaling Resolution, Report: • Japan plans to continue its whaling program //

    \\ 20 Oct 2016 : Japan to face criticism at international summit for flouting whaling ruling
    #whaling #Japan #IWC //

    etc etc. you can keep moving back in time, Japan always defied.


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