Saturday 1 December 2018

Debates about debates

Buzzfeed's Mark Di Stefano and Alex Wickham have a very interesting account of the various shenanigans surrounding the intended Brexit deal debate between Mrs May and Mr Corbyn, and Alex has also handily provided a Twitter summary of its  contents:

  • BBC accused of acting on behalf of Downing Street with debate pitch that favours May’s deal over any of the alternatives.
  • Original BBC pitch was for May and Corbyn to appear with a 20-strong panel (!) made up of members of the public, figures from public life and politicians. 10 pro-deal, 10 anti with various different views. No10 loved the idea. Others less so.
  • SNP have written to Tony Hall complaining. Corbyn’s office also unimpressed with BBC twitter antics yesterday.
  • Under original BBC proposal, once you account for moderator’s comments, May/Corbyn opening statements, and interventions from the panel, there would be an estimated 12 minutes left for head to head debate. ITV’s plan allows for half an hour even with ads.


  1. SNP are quite right to be incandescent with rage at their exclusion from this so called debate.

    Of course it isn't a debate, it's a softening up for either the second referendum option or possibly a "dash for power" by May to try another General Election possibly on the back of "My deal or Corbyn and chaos".

  2. Can't wait for Laura K to get back from Argentina, where she went to interview Mrs. May, as you do.


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