Saturday 15 December 2018

Herr Flick of the EU

Normal business will resume again next week...

...but, having been out last night and having had ever-so-slightly far too much to drink, I'm hoping I didn't do anything like this over the course of the evening:

Maybe it's because I'm hungover, but I'm seriously expecting BBC comedians to go into mockery overdrive over this, and for BBC reporters to endlessly sneer at Herr Juncker, and for Newsnight to do a #MeToo special over him behaviour, and for Women's Hour to spend weeks discussing this kind of patriarchal, misogynistic hair-flipping. (Not really, of course).

And just imagine if Donald J. had done it! (Of course, he's teetotal, so it's a bit different). Katty, Anthony, Jon, Nick, Tara, James, Hugh, the other Nick, Emily, Jane, and myriad dozen others, would have gone into hyperdrive about it. And it would surely have been on the main BBC One news bulletins faster than you can say 'backstop'.

I've not checked any of the BBC One bulletins or Newsnight but I'll place a bet that they didn't report this, even in passing, and there's no video of it on the BBC News website yet.


  1. This scene hints at a lack of diversity that the BBC would normally make a fuss over. Blonde haired women, pale stale male Juncker - and no BAME individuals to be seen. But, in the BBC world this is what we must cling to.

    1. Yes, I've noted the lack of diversity. There are tens of millions of Sharia followers and many more millions of people of African and Asian descent in the EU, but none make it to the top of the EU. Your best chance is to be a corpulent white male drunkard or a blonde white female who meets certain minimum levels of pulchritudinousness (if such a word exists).

    2. You've over thought it MB. pulchritude is the noun.

  2. The way that he walks would suggest that he is as 'pissed' as you were, last night.

  3. "Maybe it's because I'm jaded, but I'm seriously expecting BBC anyone not to go anywhere near it".

    I think I teased Katty a bit last night with a shared link, but then again, I was very, very, drunk.

    Sky are also a hoot. They have mentioned it, but have decided to playfully pat all its viewers and readers on their pert bums and are trying 'Come on lads... we've all done it, haven't we?'.

    The response has been as if in chorus, and could have gone better.

  4. The expression on the woman’s face is priceless. Is she is trying to maintain her dignity by looking amused, and then just as she goes out of shot, thinking that was not funny at all?


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