Sunday 2 December 2018

BBC employees back an anti-Israel stunt

The estimable Daphne Anson notes a recent stunt by anti-Israel activists.

This last Friday, a group called inminds projected a slide show onto the walls of Broadcasting House in protest at Israel hosting the Eurovision Song Contest next year. They want the BBC to pull out of the competition.

The protest group's own website says:
'The projection lasted over an hour during which time many passers by and BBC employees came to congratulate us for voicing their own concerns of how inappropriate it would be for the Eurovision to be hosted by Israel, and shameful for the BBC to support it.' 
"And many BBC employees"? Why doesn't that surprise me?

Anyhow, happy Hanukkah to our Jewish readers!


  1. I’m just wondering how long you’d be allowed to project pro Brexit or pro Uk messages? It’s be literally minutes until the old bill turned up.

    1. Quite. An hour is one heck of a long time.

  2. Bit like the chances of getting past BBC security unchallenged unless delivering the ‘special stuff’.


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