Sunday 2 December 2018

Polls and cheers

This may be of interest (or not):
Andrew Adonis: The loudest cheers I get in my Brexit public meetings, a bit to my surprise, are when I say: ‘it’s time for the BBC to once again become an impartial public broadcaster’. 
Sunder Katwala: This could suggest one of two things: (1) growing pressure/scepticism at BBC; (2) v.narrow self-selection for Brexit rally attendees (not reflective of what most Remainers think of BBC). The evidence is that (1) is unlikely. 13% of remain voters saw BBC as pro-Brexit early this year. (14% saw it as pro-Remain). That niche may have grown to a slightly bigger minority of Remainers.
He was basing that on YouGov polling from February which found that 45% of Leave voters think the BBC is anti-Brexit but only 13% of Remain voters thought the BBC is pro-Brexit (yes, less than the Remain voters who agreed with that 45% of Leave voters about the anti-Brexit direction of the bias). 

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  1. He was also basing it on a poll conducted by a bunch of Remainers (YouGov).YouGov's Peter Kellner predicted a Remain win in 2016.

    However he stated that "if the outcome is very close, then two groups of voters not covered by the polls might tip the balance: the 23,000 Gibraltarians with the right to vote, and possibly 200-300,000 expatriate voters living abroad. " Er- that is a typical Remainer comment - only a Remainer would ignore the 3 million plus Irish, Maltese, and Commonwealth Citizens (not citizens of this country) who were allowed to vote in the Referendum, no doubt because Cameron and Osborne fully expected them to swing it for Remain!


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