Sunday 2 December 2018

Ever wondered what a non-sarcastic BBC comment about Donald Trump looks like?

(Spoiler: You won't find the answer below.)

Also as per a comment by Peter, here's the BBC's Diplomatic Correspondent James Landale:

Here are some of my favourite responses (not all of them from Twitter!):

  • You new at this covering Presidential motorcades and security thing, James?
  • Clearly technology was more advanced in the past when Obama's motorcade could pass noiselessly through residential areas. 
  • It's unbelievable how Trump gets criticised for doing things every other President has done. People on Twitter criticised him for his statement on Bush because it was written by a speechwriter. There have been speechwriters for years!
  • Now tweet the one of Clinton visiting Belfast. The same cavalcade. I watched it go past. This is the norm not news.

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  1. There is also this one.

    the people of Buenos Aires party all night. My cousins eat steak and drink gin until 5am EVERY NIGHT

    There is truth to this . An evening football match in Argentina will typically kick off at 9.45pm. I suspect few were being kept awake. And are we to assume Trump ordered the blaring sirens, or is that just the way the locals do things? Lansdale being culturally insensitive here.


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