Saturday 15 December 2018

Mishal Goes to Gaza

Something to look forward to... 😐


  1. Save Mishal the trip...

    Never seen an undernourished Gazaan. This has got to be one of the best protection rackets going anywhere in the world. People still claiming to be refugees deserving of UN, EU, US and Iranian largesse after living for three generations in the same place.

    I don't suppose Mishal will see it like that - but you can but try.

    BTW, did Mishal get special dispensation from Hamas and Islamic Jihad allowing her to bypass the female modesty dress code in Gaza? It's not as thought she isn't used to such things, having spent all her formative years in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Why is she going to Gaza on Monday? I mean, is there some particular reason for going at this time?

  3. When the BBC have a report from inside Israel, or at least acknowledge that there are two sides to this conflict I might take them seriously as a news organisation. Until then I won’t waste a single second of my time on what will almost certainly be yet another piece of phoney virtue signalling. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over our licence fees financing their political activism.

  4. Anon, She counts them all out....

    It's for her death chart, which she needs to maintain.

  5. See what a brave Palestinian Arab says about the situation for the Palestinian Arabs at

  6. I’d like Mishal to go to Saudi or Iran and report on “what life’s really like there”


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