Saturday 28 October 2017

Going south

...breaking news...breaking news...breaking news...

Former Labour-high-flyer-turned-high-kicker Ed Balls has been commissioned by the BBC to present a three-part series from the American Deep South. His specific purpose is to talk to Trump voters there.

As Ed isn't someone you'd naturally expect to find it easy to feel empathy towards US conservatives he's probably going to have to work hard to avoid turning out a very predictable BBC narrative here. 

Will he succeed? Will he even try?


  1. It will be the old "left behind" thesis, I expect same as is applied in the UK, despite the fact that the very prosperous South Region voted for Brexit. But he probably start off with images of Trump's fascist it will look like he's being really reasonable when he comes out with the tired old "left behind" thesis.

  2. Maybe he can swing by Clarke County and visit a few addresses Ian Katz has passed him?

  3. I look forward to BBC commissioning Newt Gingrich to a 3 part series on the Southern UK. It would be much more interesting and relevant to BBC's mainly UK based audience.

    I'm more than cynical about these very regular BBC reports about the USA. They're mostly unchallengeable (because very few of us are living in USA), present a BBC critique of the USA, and most of all provide great expense paid trips for the BBC staff to blow our money on while giving us anti USA propaganda.

    Come to think of it, why isn't Ed being sent around Southern Europe, seeing as Beeb loves EU so much? Spain, Italy, Greece and so on. Could it be that it might be hard to paint a flattering picture, and any exaggerations and omissions might be spotted by the audience who visit those places more regularly?


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