Sunday 29 October 2017

Into the Labyrinth

Peter Hitchens's Mail on Sunday piece today contrasts how hard it is for most complaints to successfully pass through the eye of a needle that is the BBC's labyrinthine complaints process with just how easy it appears to be to get a happy result out of the BBC if you're complaining about the BBC allowing 'climate sceptics' onto programmes and then failing to do the decent thing and pour boiling hot oil over them throughout. Along the way Mr H. gives a neat description of the BBC complaints process for the rest of us mere mortals:

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  1. "Thanks for contacting the BBC. This is an automated acknowledgement to confirm we’ve received the attached complaint sent in this name."

    And so... it begins....

    The topic of labyrinthine systems is of course one that goes back into the mists of time:

    Even here:


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