Saturday 28 October 2017

Roger Harrabin spanks Lord Lawson of Blaby

(h/t Alan at Biased BBC)

Aw, that's nice! The BBC's environment (activist) analyst Roger Harrabin is showing empathy towards his beleaguered colleagues at Today (where his reports feature regularly) after their recent "spanking" at the kinky hands of BBC Complaints:

Naughty, naughty Lord Lawson! Stop saying things!

But Roger is nothing if not wholly supportive of his bosses' apology, and not above handing out a "spanking" of his own:

As Harry Enfield's Self-Righteous Brother Frank would shout, "Oi, Lawson and the GWPF, no!!!!" 

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  1. Harrabin doesn't mind the endless stream of dodgy "facts" presented by charity spokespeople, lunatic "commentators", environmentalists...
    The Maldives haven't sunk under the waves...the Himalayan glaciers haven't can't cross the Arctic Ocean without an icebreaker in winter...we haven't gone into recession after the Brexit vote...women earn more than men not the other way round...


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