Saturday 28 October 2017

Oh Donald!

Those impartial BBC reporters have been busy tweeting their usual kind of thing in recent days - 

- and one thing about reading their Twitter feeds is that they most definitely don't reckon the Washington Post's revelations (about the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC part-funding the sensational dossier into Donald Trump's doings in a Russian hotel) amount to much. They're sticking with the Russia-Trump collusion stuff instead. In fact I can only find one figure of equivalent prominence at the BBC reckoning anything much to the WaPo's findings:

The first reply to that tweet made me smile:

Update: Here's another one, concentrating on the really big Trump story:


  1. Oh, this is going to be a popcorn fortnight.
    The BBC news is teasing with omission this morning. I haven't seen anything reported on the DNC / Clinton / Obama involvement in Uranium One or the recent dossier developments on the BBC, but after Monday, they'll have to get the ball rolling or ignore these stories completely. I wonder which tack they'll take.....

    My guess is the first Russiagate victim will be either Paul Manafort or Jeb Bush (because the dossier was initially financed by an as yet unnamed republican). There'll be a big fuss made of the GOP connection, but the DNC skittles will topple pretty quickly after that.

    In the meantime, the BBC's Paul Wood (who hung his credibility on the Trump dossier story 4 times) will hopefully retreat into the shadows. At least Sopel can smell the fish on this one.... Katty Kay may as well go and work for MSNBC.
    The BBC's chosen heroes keep letting them down, and they keep underestimating their chosen enemies.

  2. We had Trump the clown, then Trump the accomplished Russian agent, then Trump the fascist. Sometimes we get all three in the same story these days - especially from Robert Moore on ITV who seems to be psychologically disturbed by his Trump reporting! I am amazed how Trump keeps going through all the vilification. I suppose it helps to have a billion in the bank, but others who rightly or wrongly have suffered equal vilification have usually crumbled eventually: thinking of LBJ, Nixon, Carter. Trump seems to breathe a sweet air when his enemies are lobbing poison at him.


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