Saturday 28 October 2017

"Good guy misogyny"

This is very Woman's Hour:

In other words (as Lord Kinnock might put it), "Should men who say they like overweight women being overweight still be condemned because, being men, they can never be right (even though obesity is famously a feminist issue)?"

There was lots of talk, via Jane Garvey, of "the social media gaze", of "objectifying", of things "not being fair", of "body positive" matters, and of "good guy misogyny", etc. Jane said, "Indeed", and everyone lived happily ever after. 

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  1. Referring back to earlier posts...

    THIS kind of joke really is appalling. It body-shames women and is NOT, repeat NOT, funny:

    Police - "What's the emergency?"
    Jeremy - "Two girls are fighting over me."
    Police - "So?"
    Jeremy - "The fat one's winning."

    And this one is so unsuitable for broadcast on the BBC that it had me hugging my Katty Kay non-gendered doll with total shame at being a man:

    A bloke was making love to his overweight Mrs, when his phone rings. “You’ll have to ring me back mate, I’m in the tub” he said.

    It's time everyone realised that jokes are serious. We need to take them seriously, people!


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