Sunday 7 April 2013

Surrealist Sunday.

For a moment I thought it was April Fool’s day all over again when in fact I was hearing  a surreal edition of Sunday. Nothing about the Pope (maybe I missed it) and nothing about the Jews (well only a passing mention). 

The topic was ‘grooming’, featuring the Pollyanna of the MCB, Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra.
It got off to a good start when the good Sheikh nearly got away with mumbling ‘the nine men who were convicted happened to be from our community.’ 
“Happened? ventured Ed Stourton, gently. 
The representative of the sunny side of Islam continued regardless. Everything these men did was haram - forbidden in Islam - and he was puzzled - puzzled! How could they think 'alcohol, drugs and sex' was part of Islam? 
Well, Mr P, wakey wakey.  Presumably God/Allah  PBUH knows about sex as it was part of His original design, presumably to ensure the independent self-perpetuation of his creation. Imagine if he had to do it all over again, each generation.
The basic human drive will out one way or another and the strict constraints of Sharia distort rather than contain. It’s like building an unsustainable damn on a flood plain. Put that together with Islam’s unfortunate practice of dehumanising the kuffar and something’s waiting to happen, but it’s not an accident.
The haram of Islam and the debauchery of the broken society don’t mix. Plonk one into the middle of the other and what do we get? What do you expect?
Don’t be puzzled Mr Pollyanna, get real. Accept your side of the blame, as some of us accept ours.

Sermon over, but surreal Sunday programme not over yet.

A  university lecturer has had to go into hiding. He must have done something very bad, something offensive. Ed certainly seemed to think so. He sounded incredulous that the professor had the audacity to ask his students to write “Jesus” on a bitofpaper and stamp on it. (not put a stamp on it) It was an experiment to see whether the students would find the thought of stamping on a bitofpaper with “Jesus” written on it as offensive as the thought of stamping on Jesus himself. He also wondered whether the students would find it offensive to put on a jumper that had belonged to Fred West, even though it had been cleansed of Fred West’s actual particles by laundry. It might have been even better if he had used Fred West’s vest. (yes it would)
The proof of the pudding was in the fact that he had to go into hiding. Psychological experiment proved positive. Q: Do people find virtual stamping as bad as actual stamping? A: They sure do. 

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