Thursday 18 April 2013

The BBC's Baroness Thatcher funeral coverage: Who did they interview?

For those of you who are interested, here is a complete list of all the interviewees (excluding vox pops) featured on the BBC News Channel's coverage of Lady Thatcher's funeral between 6.45am and 10.00pm yesterday. 

I believe the list speaks for itself. 

6.50 Andrew Pierce (Daily Mail) & Kevin Maguire (Daily Mirror)

7.15 Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph, biographer of Lady Thatcher

7.45 John Sergeant (ex BBC political correspondent) & Beatrix Campbell, writer (feminist & left-winger)

8.05 John Sergeant (ex BBC political correspondent)

8.14 Bob Broadhurst, former Met Police Commander

8.17 Francis Maude MP (Conservative)

8.35 Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, former head of the Royal Navy

8.42 Denis Oliver, Baroness Thatcher's former driver

9.25 Baroness Shirley Williams (Liberal Democrat), Prof Peter Hennessey, historian (cross-bencher) & Terry Wogan (jovial BBC chap).

9.35 Baroness Shirley Williams (Liberal Democrat), Prof Peter Hennessey & Lord Forsyth (Conservative)

9.41  Baroness Virginia Bottomley (Conservative), Prof Peter Hennessey & Matthew Parris (The Times)

9.46 Maj-Gen Jonathan Shaw

9.50 Lord Dobbs (Conservative) & Matthew Parris

10.10 David Cameron, PM (Conservative)

12.08 Peter Hennessey & Nick Robinson

12.38 Gerald Howarth MP (Conservative) & Andrew Neil, broadcaster

13.36 Ken Clarke MP (Conservative)

13.50 Bob Broadhurst, former Met Police Commander

14.09 Lord Steel (Liberal Democrat)

14.29 Beatrix Campbell, writer (feminist & left-winger)

14.33 Sir Bob Worcester, founder of MORI, & Lord Dobbs (Conservative)

14.46 James Forsyth (Spectator) & Nick Watt (Guardian)

15.10 Lord Lamont (Conservative)

15.15 John Campbell, biographer of Lady Thatcher

15.22 Ruth Davidson MSP (Conservative)

15.32 John Redwood MP (Conservative)

15.36 Margaret Beckett MP (Labour)

15.47 Sam Brownlee (former Falkand Islander) & Sukey Cameron (Falkland Islands official representative)

16.36 Eleanor Laing MP (Conservative)

16.49 John Whittingdale MP (Conservative)

17.16 Sir Ming Campbell MP (Liberal Democrat) & Liam Fox MP (Conservative)

17.44 Michael Cockerell, documentary maker

17.52 Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph, biographer of Lady Thatcher

18.34 Penny Mordaunt MP (Conservative), Andrew Rosindell MP (Conservative)

19.19 William Shawcross, commentator

19.37 David Willetts MP (Conservative)

21.14 Eric Deakins, former Labour MP (lost to Mrs Thatcher in Finchley in 1959)

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