Sunday 2 August 2020

Closing the stable door

You'll probably remember the controversy provoked by the BBC's reporting of the "largely peaceful" Black Lives Matter protests in London on Saturday 6 June - the protests where a policewoman was injured after her horse bolted. I see that the BBC has now issued an official 'correction/clarification'
News at Ten
BBC One and BBC News Channel, Saturday 6 June 2020
We reported that a policewoman was injured after she ‘knocked herself off her horse’ in our coverage of Black Lives Matter protests in central London. It would have been better to have said that the policewoman had come off her horse. The circumstances of what exactly happened are being investigated.
Just look at the dates though: It took nearly two months for the BBC to make this very small concession. I suspect the complainants were forced through hoops to win even that.

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