Monday 17 August 2020

"Palestinians lose"

Lance Forman caught my eye with a tweet this morning: 

The peace deal agreed between Israel and the UAE has been truly historic and bodes well for the whole Middle East. But there has been so little coverage in the MSM as if they don’t approve of this. Perhaps they’re unhappy Israel has made peace or that it was a Trump initiative?

In fairness to the BBC's Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen has tweeted about this too - though it won't surprise Lance to hear that he doesn't sound happy about it:

  • Going public with relationship good for UAE & Israel.  Their enemy Iran gets a message. Their ally Trump gets a foreign policy victory.  Netanyahu turns broken annexation promises into a triumph. UAE get western plaudits & hitech deals with Israel. Palestinians lose.
  • UAE claims it stopped annexation. Palestinians thought they’d  already almost won that argument as Netanyahu seemed to have blinked under huge international pressure. Palestine independence no closer, isolation deeper. Saudis next?
  • The principle that Israel’s price for normalisation with Arabs was Palestinian independence was already looking like a pipe dream. Now it looks to be history.

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