Wednesday 5 August 2020

Time to face reality

Wasiq Wasiq  (so good they named him twice) belongs to Muslims Against Antisemitism. (MAAS) 
His article in Jewish News describes a Henry Jackson Society survey titled Muslim Anti-Semitism In Contemporary Great Britain. Findings indicate that the most religiously observant British Muslims are the most antisemitic British Muslims.

The general thrust of their suspicions about “Jews” echo other groups’ suspicions, namely: Jews have too much power. Too much control over the banking and political systems. Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Britain (more prevalent among the university-educated.)


The BBC’s impartiality Tzar Jeremy Bowen has been gossiping about Lebanon. “Could this have been  a deliberate act?” he speculates, “by some sort of entity?”
Hmm. These damned “entities”. What are they like!



I typed Jeremy Bowen into our own little search engine. Up came the equivalent of War and Peace but co-written by Craig and Sue - a lifetime’s pointless endeavour.


Having fruitlessly devoted a considerable amount of time and energy on previous posts I now realise that £45 + £2.65 booking fee might be a good investment, but I’ll hold back till the customer reviews come out. 

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