Saturday 1 August 2020

James Purnell and the BBC plans to take over children's education

James Purnell (he/him?)

I've never bought Peter Hitchens's counter-intuitive contention that the Blairites were the true Marxists in the Labour Party, but the behaviour of former Blairite minister James Purnell in his role as the BBC's head of radio and education occasionally gives me pause for thought. 

I think he's the main BBC figure behind all the pandering to the 'woke' brigade. 

Therefore, I felt a certain degree of disquiet on reading Anita Singh's piece in today's Telegraphwhich reports James Purnell expressing his wish for the BBC to increase its "reach" by taking "a greater role in children's education". 

Mr Purnell wants the BBC's online resources to "replace some of the 'traditional' elements of teaching" and "free teachers to concentrate on pastoral care".

This is clearly a serious bid from the BBC to gain and an even vaster degree of influence over the nation.

Should we be alarmed? 

Blogs hereabouts, including ours, have picked up on some shocking stuff being put out by the BBC's online resources. 

But are those just rare lapses picked up on and massively amplified by bloggers and the anti-BBC papers? 

Well, I don't know the answer to that.

At the risk of creating work for myself and others, the BBC's online education resources - and children's output -  are a massive field that blogs and websites such as this barely even touch, but surely, urgently need to tackle.

What is the BBC teaching our children already? What will it be teaching them? 

I'd really like to know.

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