Tuesday 4 August 2020

Woke of Mouth

Oh BBC, what have you done? 

Regular readers might recall my liking for Michael Rosen's Radio 4 programme Word of Mouth. Its archive is a treasure trove for word lovers, worthy of comparison with the In Our Time archive 

Michael Rosen, sadly, has been very ill recently and the programme is now relying on guest presenters. 

That's not the problem though...

Sue spotted an early swallow last week - an episode titled 'The language of power and inequality in education and leadership'. 

It led to the thought: Surely Word of Mouth hasn't fallen prey to the BBC's pandering to 'wokeness'?

Well, other, upcoming episodes in the new series have titles like 'Othering through the centuries: Translation to acronyms', 'The language of masculinity and patriarchy in a post-colonial world' and 'Words Used About Women' (featuring an interview with the feminist author of a book about language and gender differences).

So, yes, it has fallen prey to the BBC's pandering to 'wokeness'.

The BBC has, therefore, ruined Word of Mouth. I only hope In Our Time isn't next.

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